What is power flushing?

Power flushing cleans your central heating system. It removes debris including deposits of rust and sludge. The efficiency of your central heating system will be seriously affected if these contaminants are left. By-products from water in your boiler, radiators and pipes are thus removed through power flushing. Boston based Peace of Mind Plumbing and Heating carry out power flushing throughout Lincolnshire. We recommend power flushing with the fitting of every new boiler, although we also power flush existing central heating systems. It’s a good idea every five years or so to clear debris from boilers, radiators and pipes!

Why choose Peace of Mind Plumbing and Heating for Power Flushing in Lincolnshire?

Lincolnshire’s Peace of Mind Plumbing always use the very latest technology in power flushing. We will provide before and after photos using a thermal camera to demonstrate our effectiveness and results! Power flushing will improve the efficiency of your central heating system and ensure your boiler will provide stress-free heating and hot water for years!

What are the benefits of Power Flushing?

Your radiators will get hotter and will heat up more quickly! With a more energy efficient system you will have cheaper energy bills! Both your boiler and radiators will be quieter! You will increase the lifespan of your whole central heating system making it more reliable with less chance of a breakdown!

We provide the best products along with the best service, and yet all at an affordable price! We have over sixteen years experience in the business, and are fully qualified and registered. Please browse our website and read our excellent customer feedback.

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